Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Review of Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Skin Care Line (All Natural Skin Care)

I've tried about 80-90% of Aubrey Organics' products, including nearly all of their skin care line (I think there may be two specialty creams I haven't used).

First I'd like to say that I greatly admire Aubrey Hampton. He has a background in both chemistry and herbalism so really understands both sides of the cosmetic industry (he has a degree in chemistry and worked as a cosmetic chemist before starting his own company, and he learned herbalism from his mother and a neighbor). He understands what herbs work best for what skin type. It was actually his books that got me first interested in natural cosmetics.

Aubrey Organics is also one of the only truly natural lines available in health food stores (most claim to be natural but contain synthetics).

Review of the rosa mosqueta skin line: I really like their cleanser but didn't care too much for their toner because it contains witch hazel extract (I can't use any alcohol in toner because it dries out my face too much but this would be perfect for other skin types). Their body lotions are my favorite out of any brand (the rosa mosqueta lotion makes my skin so soft, and all of their lotions are fast absorbing). Their face lotions are highly absorbent and non-greasy which some people love, though personally I need something that not only absorbs fast and doesn't leave my skin greasy, but also I need something that forms a breathable, non-clogging barrier to prevent water loss; so their face lotions for day time use don't work so well for me. But I love their rosa mosqueta night creme, which is a mix of shea and rosa mosqueta which works great for my skin. I also love their eye cream, which is the only eye cream I've ever used that actually works. As for the 100% rosa mosqueta/rose hip seed oil, it is way over priced; it's better to get it at Mountain Rose Herbs or Garden of Wisdom. The rosa mosqueta mask is one of my favorite masks/scrubs of all time. It leaves my skin so soft!

I recommend getting the travel kit, which is a great deal (you get the cleanser, toner, lotion and mask for under $15; right now it is half price for under $8 on their website). Also if you buy through their website and spend over a certain amount, you get a free product (it isn't always advertised on their website but you should see the free product in the shopping cart). But I don't think they are doing this now, as they have other free deals now.

I haven't used their facial mist; but I believe it is a best seller.


elsa said...

I've used Aubrey's Rosa Mosqueta line since the late 1990s, and these are some of the only products that never irritate my sensitive skin. They're supposedly so natural that you can eat them. Sometimes I store them in the fridge. The scent is light and fresh. Yum.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't eat them. The ingredients specify "soap from coconut" - whatever the hell that means.

I asked Aubrey to check and see if this was castile soap or detergent surfactant sodium lauryl/laureth petrochemicals.

So far, no response from Aubrey.

Email them yourself and try to get a response.

And even if it's castile soap, you shouldn't be eating it!

Solarkat said...

Hi Elsa,

>. I've used Aubrey's Rosa Mosqueta line since the late 1990s

Awesome :)

I love storing things like toner and masks in the fridge during the summer, it's so cool and refreshing :)

Thanks for posting :)


Solarkat said...

Hi Anon,

AO does not use synthetically derived detergents like SLS in their products. They use natural liquid soap made from coconut oil.

Thanks for posting :)