Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ANB spotlight

I think most people by now know how much I love natural skin care and eco alternatives.  But I also love how many people I have met because of my interests in the natural world. I have made several friends over the years because of all things green.  Some I’ve had the pleasure to meet face to face, and some I haven't met in person yet, but I feel so honored that they are part of my journey.

The all natural beauty (anb) websites recently started doing spotlights on their readers (the three anb websites are owned by my friend Sharon).   I was pleasantly surprised that the first spotlight is on my friend Barbara.  Barbara and I have been friends for years (we met on a forum), she is a very kind and very sweet woman.  Reading her spotlight really moved me; she mentioned how much I helped her with her skin, and how much she loved my skin care products.  Thank you Barbara for not only being a friend, but for spreading the word on natural beauty!  :)