Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!  I hope all the dads out there are having a marvelous day with their children!

I wrote an eco living article for today, so I hope you enjoy the article and spend some time with your dad. :)

Friday, June 07, 2013

Happy 10th All Natural Beauty!

Ten years ago my friend Sharon started the all natural beauty website and anb portal (and over five years ago started the anb mall), which I have been glad to be a part of!  I found the anb websites in 2005; I first started as a fan and forum poster.  Then Sharon invited me to write a couple articles and contribute recipes to the website.  We became friends and I eventually met Sharon (at a Jeanne Rose aromatherapy class hosted at her house). When Sharon started the anb mall, she asked me to be the eco living writer there.  And when I started my skin care business a few years ago, I naturally became a partner to all three of the all natural beauty websites.  Last year I also became the eco living and DIY natural beauty formulating expert too.

The anb websites are more than just a bunch of great articles, recipes, and links to natural skin care companies.  It is a community of Indie businesses, aromatherapists, herbalists, natural skin care formulators and crafters, natural perfumers, and the readers and all natural beauty enthusiasts!  To me natural skin care is more than just beauty, it is about taking care of ourselves and the Earth too!  And that is the true spirit of the anb websites and its community.  So Happy 10th Sharon and anb!  And here's to another 10 more!

To celebrate there is a weekly free skin care product giveaway on the anb websites, as well as a nearly sold out summer sampler.  Sadly I could not contribute to the sampler or the giveaway this time, since Earth Alkemie is currently still closed (I need to renew my business insurance before I start selling or donating products again.  I hope to reopen during the summer).  But definitely check out the giveaway and the sampler; lots of other good companies have contributed, including some of my personal favorite companies like Monave (a mineral makeup and skin care company), and (which sells many different natural brands of natural skin care, including Earth's Beauty and Cosmetics without synthetics--which is their signature line).

New anb eco living and DIY formulating articles

I've been extremely busy the past couple months (helping take care of my family, way too many doctors appointments, and trying to find time to craft and work on reopening my skin care business).  The past couple weeks I have done a lot of writing (three articles and working on a fourth).  The first two are up, they are on coconut cream and coconut juice in cosmetics, and fruit and herb powders in cosmetics (by cosmetics I mean skin, hair, and body care).  These two articles were all natural beauty eco living and DIY expert questions (I get asked so many great questions!).  The articles are long (I am wordy and try to be very complete in my answers) and I took some time to write and answer them.

Blog posts with more information on these coming soon (I have a lot of those posts to write, so recently I have just been posting the links to the actual articles without related blog posts with extra information).

Enjoy the articles!