Monday, March 24, 2014

Free Aromatherapy And Traditional Chinese Medicine Webinars (Essential Oils And Pulse Diagnosis)

I am so excited!  There are a lot of upcoming free webinars by a few aromatherapists and herbalists!

Over the next few days, there are not one but THREE free aromatherapy webinars.  :) The first one is a webinar on aromatherapy for first aid on March 26th.   It is being taught by aromatherapy and herbal pioneer, Mindy Green.  Green is a registered herbalist (through the American Herbalists Guild (AHG)) and a registered aromatherapist (Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC)). She has been teaching for over 35 years. She is on a lot of advisory boards (like the American Botanical Council (ABC) and the American College of Healthcare Sciences), and was one of the founders of the American Herbalists Guild.   Plus she is an esthetician! Green has written some of my most favorite aromatherapy books (A Complete Guide To The Healing Art 2nd edition, and Natural Perfumes), and has written many excellent articles too!  Her aromatherapy webinars are so informative (I've listened to a few of her webinars and AHG seminars in the past).  Since she is both an aromatherapist and an herbalist, she uses both essential oils and herbs for healing and for creating products.  She calls this 'aroma-herbalism'.  Green is one of my favorite western herbalists and aromatherapists; I have learned so much from her books, webinars, seminars, and articles, etc. She is so knowledgable so I am very happy that she is offering this webinar!

The second one is by vintage aromatherapist Andrea Butje.  Andrea Butje has been practicing aromatherapy for over 15 years, and was a massage therapist for far longer.  Her aromatherapy school is Aromahead, which is approved by both  National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) and Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) which are the two U.S. aromatherapy organizations (AIA is international based but headquartered in the U.S.).  Last year she received AIA's life time achievement award.   I wasn't that familiar with her until last year; I don't think she published an aromatherapy book until fairly recently (which I need to get) and I never bought from her former aromatherapy company (Aromatics International, which is now owned by someone else), though I had heard of it before.  But I am glad I stumbled across her work!  I have seen a couple of her free webinars, taken her free basic essential oil course, have read her blog, and seen her free youtube videos and recipes to get a sense of her teaching style, how she practices aromatherapy, and her background.  I really like how she breaks down aromatherapy step by step, and explains things very clearly.  I especially like her personality; she is very calm, relaxed, and is very sunny!  The layout of her courses is innovative in that it is completely online and interactive. (I have taken an online course by another Aromahead teacher too, more about that in another post!).  Anyways her upcoming webinar on March 27th will discuss the aromatherapy courses she teaches, so if you have been thinking about her school, then watch the webinar so you can learn about and ask questions about her courses!

And there is a third one!  Jade Shutes is having a free blending webinar. I don't know much about Jade Shutes's aromatherapy background; I wasn't that familiar with her work until last year.  I've known that she had an aromatherapy massage book for years (but I don't have her book yet) but I didn't begin reading her blog posts until sometime last year.  She is the current president of NAHA, so her knowledge of essential oils is probably sound.   I like the skin care recipes she has on her blog, they look like great formulations.  I like her essential oil profile posts because they look very thorough and complete, and she often discusses some of the rarer aromatics.  The essential oil blending webinar is on April 2nd.  I am looking forward to seeing it and learning more about her background and philosophies.  Based on her recipes on her blog, she is an excellent formulator, and knows the properties of essential oils well!  Shutes has an aromatherapy school called Theida.

And last but not least, herbalism and acupuncturist pioneer Michael Tierra has a free webinar on Traditional Chinese Medicine pulse diagnosis on April 1 (it was supposed to be at an earlier date but got rescheduled).  This webinar is one of the few free American Herbalists Guild webinars being offered this year.  Tierra was one of the founders of the American Herbalists Guild, and he is familiar with many different types of herbalism and alternative medicine.  He teaches a combination of western herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Ayurveda, so understands herbalism from many different perspectives.  And maybe I am biased ;P since I am currently a student of his 2-3 year professional herbalism course, but he is just brilliant, and very knowledgable on many different subjects.  I've actually taken a previous webinar of his on pulse diagnosis, but I am going to listen to this one too.  Since I have no idea if he will be going over all the same things or not.  And when I heard the previous webinar, I had just started his class, so hardly knew a thing about TCM!  Now that I know a little more, I look forward to his webinar.  Just want to say that his webinars are very in depth, and he goes over a lot of different topics, so take lots of notes!

So register and listen to some or all of these webinars!  :)

Just want to mention I've posted about other free webinars and many aromatherapy and herbal resources (including courses, tips, links to essential oil profiles, etc) and eco living articles (crafting, DIY skin care recipes, environmental issues, conservation, etc) on Earth Alkemie's (my skin care and perfume business) facebook fan page, that I haven't posted here on my personal eco blog.  So check out my business fan page for more resources!  Right now (at the time of this writing) Earth Alkemie has been closed for a long time (due to my and my dad's chronic health issues), but I hope to reopen eventually (I still have no idea when).

Related side note:  I would check out NAHA and AIA for more information about aromatherapy.  NAHA doesn't have as much information on their website as they used to though (some controversy, not so sure about all the details).   And visit AHG's and ABC's websites for more info on herbalism! All of the websites I have linked (the personal websites and school websites) have a lot of info on them too!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Free Aromatherapy Giveaway And Free Herbalism Course And Mentorship (Essential Oils And Herbs)

I mentioned this on Earth Alkemie's fan page, but the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy is having a free giveaway until tomorrow Monday the 24th!  The Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy is Sylla Sheppard-Hanger's school.  She is a vintage aromatherapist (meaning a pioneer in aromatherapy that has been practicing for several decades).  She is considered to be one of the best essential oil safety experts. AIA is giving away a few different prizes.  Also I suggest liking their facebook page, they are having great deals (I had posted about the one that was today on Earth Alkemie's fan page; it was only for a couple hours, so no time to post about it here too).   Check over there to see if they have any more specials in the future.

And if that wasn't awesome enough, Susan Weed is offering a free herbal infusion course and mentorship!  Susan Weed is one of the western herbalism pioneers.  I have read one of her books, read her newsletters, and seen some of her webinars.  I like her personality; she advocates reestablishing the spiritual connection to the natural word.  Thank you K for letting me know about the course and mentorship!  I am not sure how long her infusion course will be free.  So if you are interested, sign up for it now!  She is also offering a free mentorship through the link on the Inspired Living website (the Inspired Living website has a lot of other free offers too; I think the offer may be good until April the 13th.  But I am not completely sure if Weed's offer is good until then, but Inspired Living will be offering many freebies until then).  I was so happy to learn about the free course and the free mentorship.  So guess who signed up for them?  :)

I am taking so many herbalism and aromatherapy classes now!  Some of it is review for me, but a lot of information is new to me too!  So I am having a blast learning all of it!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

FREE Aromatherapy Kindle Book Today, March 18 (Aromatherapy)

Today on March 18, 2014, vintage aromatherapist Marge Clark is offering her aromatherapy book, 'Essential Oils And Aromatics' for free.  For the kindle edition.  Here is the description on her website. The link to the kindle edition's page on amazon is on her website. :)  Edited to add the direct link to the amazon page, since certain browsers are having issues showing the amazon link on Marge's website.

Marge Clark has been learning about aromatherapy for around twenty years or longer.  She is considered a vintage aromatherapist in the aromatherapy community.  By vintage I mean a knowledgeable aromatherapy pioneer that has been using aromatherapy for decades.  She is the owner of an awesome aromatherapy company called 'Nature's Gift'.  I buy most essential oils in bulk or wholesale (since I had/have an aromatherapy skin care and perfume business), but I still buy from her store sometimes, for the rarer aromatics.  The quality of her products is excellent to superior: top notch, and one of the aromatherapy companies I recommend the most to others.  Her website has lots of authentic information on aromatherapy, and I enjoy reading her newsletter.

I remember several years ago, Marge Clark put a link to Solarkat's Eco Blog on her blog (Nature's Gift's blog).  I was so excited that she reads my blog!

I have her book both in the printed edition and the kindle edition.  When the kindle edition came out a few months ago, I was so ecstatic, because currently there are very few GOOD aromatherapy, herbalism, natural skin care, natural remedy, etc books on kindle.  I have downloaded a lot of free books, and many of them are filled with mistakes, misinformation, don't list safety information or contraindications,  or there are formulation issues with the recipes, etc.  I like her book since I think it is a good introduction to the world of aromatherapy.  It includes a lot of aromatherapy recipes for different issues.

On Nature Gift's facebook page, she mentioned to me that she wishes she had the time to complete the second edition and get it reprinted in hardcover, so I am hoping that in the future she will have the time to write!  Considering how awesome the first edition is, I know it will be worth the wait!

The kindle book is only free today.  But if you miss it, it has been on sale in the past, and it really isn't that expensive; it costs about $7 or so.  So it's still a great book to get if you miss the free offer.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Ayurveda Resources (Natural Skin Care And Alternative Health)

Recently I was answering a question on a facebook group, and someone mentioned she wanted to learn more about Ayurveda.  Since I am studying Ayurveda now, I told her that I would be happy to suggest some good resources.  So I thought I would share my resources here.  Thanks J for the excellent question!  :)

I highly recommend Michael and Lesley Tierra's professional herbalism course; this is one of the herbalism courses I am currently taking.  The Tierras are long time, respected pioneers in herbalism, and they are also licensed acupuncturists.  They are some of the founders of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG). They have a unique way of looking at herbalism: they teach a combination of western herbalism, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  I have been learning about western herbalism for thirteen years, but Ayurveda and TCM are pretty new to me.  Aside from reading a few Ayurveda based beauty books, and a few articles, I really didn't know much about it.  So I am very glad I am taking their class; I am learning so much!  Their class is very intense and in depth; it typically takes two years or longer to finish.  However they do offer a shorter home herbalist course, which is basically the first third of their professional herbalism course.  Their professional course goes on sale a few times a year.

If you can't take one of their classes right now, then I suggest getting Michael Tierra's 'Planetary Herbology' book (which discusses western herbalism, TCM, and Ayurveda).  Tierra wrote a book with K.P. Khalsa called the 'Way Of Ayurvedic Herbs'.  I've only read a few chapters of both books so far, but they are very in depth, and I have learned a lot from them!

Karta Purkh (K.P.) Khalsa is one of the most respected teachers of Ayurveda.  Khalsa is the current president of the AHG.    He has a couple free webinars on the AHG's website and on Floracopeia (an aromatherapy vendor).  One of the AHG's webinars is on Floracopeia's website; it is on Ayurvedic herbs.  I've taken a few of his free webinars, and once I finish some of the herbal and aromatherapy courses I am taking, I hope to take more of his classes!  I think some of his courses on Floracopeia's website are currently on sale (at the time of this writing).

I would check out the works of David Crow (owner of Floracopeia, who is a teacher of Ayurveda, TCM, and aromatherapy).  Floracopeia has several different types of courses, including Ayurveda courses from many different teachers.   There is even an aromatherapy Ayurveda course too!  Best of all they always have free webinars!   Floracopeia courses go on sale a few times a year.

J said that she was interested in learning about Ayurveda for beauty.  I read a few Ayurvedic beauty books years ago.  One of the ones I really liked was Absolute Beauty by Pratima Raichur.  Pratima Raichur is an Ayurvedic practitioner, and she has a degree in biochemistry.  She is the owner of Pratima Ayurvedic skin care, a well respected skin care company.  I have never used her line, but a lot of people are fans of her sunscreen!

I enjoyed the Ayurvedic beauty books by Melanie Sachs.   I think her most popular book is 'Ayurvedic Beauty Care'.  It is now available on kindle; it is one of the few GOOD natural beauty books available as an e-book.

There are so many other excellent Ayurvedic books; these are just the tip of the iceburg.  I am having so much fun learning about this different way of looking at life, and this way of healing.  And I can't wait to learn even more!