Sunday, March 23, 2014

Free Aromatherapy Giveaway And Free Herbalism Course And Mentorship (Essential Oils And Herbs)

I mentioned this on Earth Alkemie's fan page, but the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy is having a free giveaway until tomorrow Monday the 24th!  The Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy is Sylla Sheppard-Hanger's school.  She is a vintage aromatherapist (meaning a pioneer in aromatherapy that has been practicing for several decades).  She is considered to be one of the best essential oil safety experts. AIA is giving away a few different prizes.  Also I suggest liking their facebook page, they are having great deals (I had posted about the one that was today on Earth Alkemie's fan page; it was only for a couple hours, so no time to post about it here too).   Check over there to see if they have any more specials in the future.

And if that wasn't awesome enough, Susan Weed is offering a free herbal infusion course and mentorship!  Susan Weed is one of the western herbalism pioneers.  I have read one of her books, read her newsletters, and seen some of her webinars.  I like her personality; she advocates reestablishing the spiritual connection to the natural word.  Thank you K for letting me know about the course and mentorship!  I am not sure how long her infusion course will be free.  So if you are interested, sign up for it now!  She is also offering a free mentorship through the link on the Inspired Living website (the Inspired Living website has a lot of other free offers too; I think the offer may be good until April the 13th.  But I am not completely sure if Weed's offer is good until then, but Inspired Living will be offering many freebies until then).  I was so happy to learn about the free course and the free mentorship.  So guess who signed up for them?  :)

I am taking so many herbalism and aromatherapy classes now!  Some of it is review for me, but a lot of information is new to me too!  So I am having a blast learning all of it!

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