Tuesday, March 18, 2014

FREE Aromatherapy Kindle Book Today, March 18 (Aromatherapy)

Today on March 18, 2014, vintage aromatherapist Marge Clark is offering her aromatherapy book, 'Essential Oils And Aromatics' for free.  For the kindle edition.  Here is the description on her website. The link to the kindle edition's page on amazon is on her website. :)  Edited to add the direct link to the amazon page, since certain browsers are having issues showing the amazon link on Marge's website.

Marge Clark has been learning about aromatherapy for around twenty years or longer.  She is considered a vintage aromatherapist in the aromatherapy community.  By vintage I mean a knowledgeable aromatherapy pioneer that has been using aromatherapy for decades.  She is the owner of an awesome aromatherapy company called 'Nature's Gift'.  I buy most essential oils in bulk or wholesale (since I had/have an aromatherapy skin care and perfume business), but I still buy from her store sometimes, for the rarer aromatics.  The quality of her products is excellent to superior: top notch, and one of the aromatherapy companies I recommend the most to others.  Her website has lots of authentic information on aromatherapy, and I enjoy reading her newsletter.

I remember several years ago, Marge Clark put a link to Solarkat's Eco Blog on her blog (Nature's Gift's blog).  I was so excited that she reads my blog!

I have her book both in the printed edition and the kindle edition.  When the kindle edition came out a few months ago, I was so ecstatic, because currently there are very few GOOD aromatherapy, herbalism, natural skin care, natural remedy, etc books on kindle.  I have downloaded a lot of free books, and many of them are filled with mistakes, misinformation, don't list safety information or contraindications,  or there are formulation issues with the recipes, etc.  I like her book since I think it is a good introduction to the world of aromatherapy.  It includes a lot of aromatherapy recipes for different issues.

On Nature Gift's facebook page, she mentioned to me that she wishes she had the time to complete the second edition and get it reprinted in hardcover, so I am hoping that in the future she will have the time to write!  Considering how awesome the first edition is, I know it will be worth the wait!

The kindle book is only free today.  But if you miss it, it has been on sale in the past, and it really isn't that expensive; it costs about $7 or so.  So it's still a great book to get if you miss the free offer.

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