Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day!  May all the moms out there have a joyous day, today and every single day.   And may people respect Mother Earth and all her bounty.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Some of my more recent articles (Eco Living, DIY Natural Beauty Formulating)

I am behind on blogging.  Things here have been overwhelming for the past month (with my dad's health, my health, plus I have a nephew now!).  I am working on a few new entries, and have to blog about my most recent articles that I haven't blogged about yet (I usually add extra information related to the articles on this blog, and also Earth Alkemie's--my skin care business--blog).  So for now, I will just post the links to the articles, and write or finish my blog entries later.

Here are the links to my two most recent eco living articles on anb (all natural beauty) mall.  The first is on spring cleaning.  And the newest one is a Mother's Day article which has a recipe for a lovely vegan coconut scrub!  You can currently access my coconut scrub article using this link, which goes to the main page of my eco living articles.  In june, however, you'll want to use this link, which currently goes to page 2 of the article, but come June it will be the link for the whole article.

Did you know you can use tea as a fake tanner?  Read my article for information on how!

I also wrote a very long article on ingredients to use on dry hair and dry skin (includes links to many of my previous recipes on the anb websites).

Happy reading and crafting/trying all my recipes! :)