Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Where to find information on and where to buy essential oils (Aromatherapy/essential oil information)

One of the best places to find information on the usage of essential oils (aside from books or a class!) is Aromaweb. This website has profiles of many essential and carrier oils, recipes, and provides a listing of businesses that sell essential oils.

Hands down, my favorite place to get affordable, high quality essential oils is Mountain Rose Herbs. They sell e.oils, herbs, books, some natural cosmetics, and all kinds of natural ingredients to make your own cosmetics, like carrier oils, hydrosols, and clay. Many of their products are also organic, and, even with shipping charges, their prices are great! Their prices on rose essential oil (rose attar) are a steal (usually pure rose essential oil can cost $1-2 a drop, but MRH is less expensive). I recommend the rose sampler kit which has rose attar from three different countries (China, Bulgaria, and Turkey).

Another fantastic company is Nature's Gift. They sell e.oils, hydrosols, floral waxes, and more. They have a lot of great tips on their site for e.oil uses. They also have some of the CO2 extracted essential oils. Prices are pretty good, and you can get free samples (plus shipping).

Aromaland is also not bad. They have some organic oils.

I haven't tried the following, but they are owned by well known American Aromatherapists:

Original Swiss Aromatics is supposed to be one of the best (often sited as THE source to get essential oils in many aromatherapy books). It is the company of Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. Lots of difficult to find oils, but a bit a pricier due to its extremely high quality.

Jeanne Rose has some nice kits. I think they are a bit expensive, but since she is considered one of the grand dames of aromatherapy, they are probably high quality.

Another noted aromatherapist, Victoria Edwards, is the owner of Leydet that has many hard to find, rare essential oils, but their server currently is down. Her site has several recipes though.

For those who are also interested in taking aromatherapy courses, check out the above three links.


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