Thursday, December 22, 2005

Make it yourself holiday gifts (Aromatherapy/skin care/gift giving ideas)

Well it's been a while since I've posted (finals!), and the holidays are already here, but I've decided to post a quick list of fun, fast, and easy last minute handmade gifts. Thanks to my sister for suggesting this idea for a post!

Super holiday, make it yourself list!

-aromatherapy sprays
-Salt scrubs, sugar scrubs
-Bath Salts
-bath fizzies
-bath herbs (herbs for specific skin types and a tiny bit of essential oils)
-homemade lotions and creams
-facial serums
-melt and pour soap
-massage/body or bath oil
-infused herbal oils
-body balm or 'lotion' bars
-lip balm
-solid perfumes (sim to making lip and body balms)
-perfume (oil and alcohol based) (also meditation oils)
-dream pillows
-sachets (I like lavender flowers, scented with lavender and atlas cedarwood essential oils. Repels insects and make your clothes/an area smell great!)
-candle making (Though candle making can be hard, what I like doing is just pouring the wax directly into glass votive holders, so I don't have to use a candle mold).
-herbal tinctures and vinegars

-your own herbal tea blends in beautiful tins
-cookies, brownies
-dinner baskets: in a nice basket put all the ingredients and a recipe for a meal.
-jarred cookie mixes and instructions
-jarred soup mixes and instructions

-I've begun learning bookbinding (making my own journals) which is fun and easy (and the books are very beautiful!)
-knit something!

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