Sunday, January 22, 2006 Cheap Textbooks, books, music, and more! (book resource)

If you're a student like me, you're probably on a budget and constantly looking for the best place to purchase textbooks at a cheap price. One great place to check out is This search engine finds and compares prices between online booksellers--from the mega giants of Amazon and B&N to medium and smaller vendors such as E-campus and Abe Books. Other things you can search for are dvds, music, games, and other supplies! I've been using this search engine since my undergrad days, and I've found I generally save anywhere from $5 to $25 or more for each textbook. Once, I found one of textbooks super onsale for under $8!


Unknown said...

Great blog. Definitely good to shop around. I use to find discount books for college. They also do price comparisons on books. No more spending $500 a semester on my textbooks. Also, I only buy used now as well.

Solarkat said...

Hi Adam

Thanks for posting another search engine :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Adam and Solarkat!
Boy am I going to save some bucks now!
By the way, I've been buying some of my crime fiction favourites from an Aussie ebay store called Murder and Mayhem Books. Great value and service and the secondhand books I've bought hardly look like they've been read! I've also bought some of their environmentally friendly bags which are pretty groovy!!

Solarkat said...

Hi S,

You're very welcome! Hope you find some great deals!


Li (Solarkat)