Monday, February 27, 2006

About comments on blog

I was just posting an old post from my archives on a forum, and noticed some comments that I have not read--sorry if you posted a comment and I didn't answer; I usually don't look at my old archives much!

But I just figured out how to set blogger to show the date when people post, and for blogger to also e-mail me when someone actually leaves a comment, so hopefully I won't miss replying to a post in the future!


Solarkat said...

Hi Robin,

Thanks for posting :)

I think there may be either a bug in the html code, or it may be just how certain browsers show my blog.

(I'm on a Mac and) I noticed a few days ago that in Safari, Firefox, and Netscape the font size is fine (same as all the other links), but on Internet Explorer the font size is tiny on some of the links, which is strange since the font on all the links is supposed to be the same (I did not change the html code on any of the links, and I had originally written the code for all font to be the same size). I'll have to look at the html code again, and see if it got corrupted. Sorry about that, I'll try to fix it when I have time, but it probably won't be for several days since I have a lot of grad school work now.

Most of the links that are showing up as small font in IE are just the individual entries of my archives.
If you want to read any of the archives/previous posts, you can scroll down to the very last links, and click on the individual months you want to read.

I'll try to fix it as soon as I can! :)


Anonymous said...

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Thank you

Solarkat said...

Hi G

Sorry it took me forever to post your comment (I've been neglecting my blog a lot this semester). I've only listened to a few of the videos, but your website looks very interesting.