Friday, June 16, 2006

Drugstore Mineral Makeup Hype (Mineral Makeup)

When I first heard that many conventional companies were going to make mineral makeup, I was excited since sometimes it is a hassle buying products online. However, I do not recommend most of the drugstore brands, like Physician's Formula, Loreal, and Neutrogena, because they contain many synthetic chemicals and additives; they are not like true mineral makeup brands which only contain pure minerals and pigments (like mica/serecite,titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxides). These brands are at best a cross between conventional and true mineral makeup, and at worse, just marketing hype and companies jumping on the mineral makeup bandwagon. From looking at the ingredients of these brands, I wonder if they even understood what mineral makeup was when they were developing their product??

There are many good mineral makeup companies from large, well known (and rather expensive brands) such as Bare Escentuals, to smaller, women owned companies, and less expensive brands like Monave, Jlynne Cosmetics, Cory Cosmetics, Alima, and Ada Cosmetics. Most of the smaller lines sell samples. My favorites, as I've mentioned many times on this blog are Monave and Jlynne Cosmetics. (I actually haven't tried the more expensive brand for two reasons: some of them contain bismuth, which irritates many people, and they are way over priced in my opinion!)

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