Sunday, November 12, 2006

Questions On Various Natural Cosmetic Ingredients (Natural Skin Care)

Random FAQ from a few weeks ago.

What carrier oils are good for my skin type?

Check out my blog entry on Carrier oils and skin type (I actually need to edit this list, as I've just received several new oils!)

What liquid cleanser can I use on my face?

You can use plain castille liquid soap, which is an olive oil based soap. Many natural companies such as Aubrey Organics and Terressentials (see links) also make nice soap based cleansers. I've been using soapwort as a cleanser recently.

My shea butter is so grainy. Is there a way to fix this?

After you melt in your hands, apply only a small amount to really, really damp skin.

I haven't tried this (I haven't had a problem with my shea being grainy) but I've read you can melt all of your shea in a double broiler over very, very low for at least 15 to 20 minutes, and then let it cool quickly, like in the fridge or freezer; cooling it down fast prevents crystals from forming.

Next time, you can also try east shea (a subspecies), which is softer/creamier and very easy to spread.

Which butter is better? Shea, cocoa, or mango butter?

Depends on your skin type. I love shea the most, which is helpful for my dehydrated skin which can get dry and blemished. While shea can be used by most skin types (except maybe the very oily), cocoa butter is better for dry skin, though some people with normal, dehydrated, and combination skin can also use it. Cocoa butter probably needs to melted and mixed a carrier oil before use, or you can just melt a little in the palm of your hand. I like both shea and cocoa butter in creams. Haven't tried mango yet, but intend to soon.

What is whipped shea?

It is basically when you whip shea, like whipped dairy butter! I plan on making this soon.

How do I make my own perfumes? What can I use to make perfumes? Is there a rose scented oil?

I've posted about natural perfumes concentrations and miy and where to buy and more notes and resources. You can make one with rose essential oil (aka rose attar) or rose absolute. Dilute in a carrier like vodka, perfumer's alcohol or jojoba. Rose attar is one of the most expensive essential oils ($1-2 a drop) but so worth it, the absolute is less expensive and some people prefer the smell of the absolute over rose attar. I love rose attar, it's one of my favorites. Though expensive you don't use that much essential oil and it ends up being much cheaper than commerical perfumes once you dilute it. And it smells way more heavenly than the commerical brands.

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