Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Li's crafting thoughts 3-21-07

I finally got myself a new mixer and made a batch of whipped shea. Though the texture was creamy, it didn't turn out quite as light and fluffy as I'd hoped since I used the wire whisk attachment instead of the regular beaters. I had thought the wire whisk would make a fluffier butter (my thinking was "whisk=more air") but apparantly I was wrong! Next time I'll stick to just using the regular beaters. If it ain't broke, don't fix it :)

I also made a serum for my pimples (I haven't had acne in years, aside from the occasional blemish around my period, but because of stress/sadness recently I've actually broken out!) It seems to be working well. Instead of putting it in a regular dropper bottle I put it in one of those roller bottles (usually used for perfumes or gloss), making it much easier to apply.

I've also been experimenting with masks and scrubs this week (all natural and vegan and all containing agave nectar). I plan to post these recipes on all natural beauty portal's website when I have some time. Though I miss honey I'm really loving agave nectar in skin care; it seems to clean and hydrate the skin as much as honey does and isn't as sticky (though I think honey contains much more vitamins/minerals than agave).

This week's agenda: I need to make a new batch of my vegan cream (since I promised a couple people cream but my last batch went grainy) and maybe work on crafting new perfume blends. And pour more lip balms!


Anonymous said...

hi li!
i've tried agave nectar on ocassion in masks too...i think it really is a good replacement for honey.
just wanted to mention that there is raw & not raw versions from madhava...i would think the raw might have a few more retained properties from not having been excessively heated...
(lamicuz - delphi forums)

Solarkat said...

Hi Danielle

Thanks for posting and for the info :) I try to only use the raw and organic kind, so hopefully people will do more studies on agave, so we know all the properties for sure!