Monday, May 26, 2008

Green Guide To Go's Greendex (Environmental Information/Eco calculator)

National Geographic's Green Guide just released its new eco-impact calculator a week or so ago called Greendex which is a survey of sustainability. (I've plugged about another eco-calculator here before). I did my calculation and was very surprised how high I scored (the higher the score, the more 'green' your life style is supposed to be or, in other words, the more your consumption patterns and behaviors are environmental sustainable). I am an environmentalist and I implement many green practices in my life but I know there is always more I can do :) and we (the U.S.) live a very consumption based society so I thought my score would be higher than the U.S. average, but not as high as it was! My score was a 57. The US (out of the 14 countries surveyed) has the lowest score of all: 44.9. The highest scores are Brazil and India (60 points), China (56.1 points), and Mexico (54.3 points). The countries in the survey are the ones that consumed most (75%) of the world's energies in 2007 so of course many countries NOT on the list consume less (and in that sense are probably more sustainable). African countries were not included in the Greendex results (which were based on online surveys), but they did survey some people in face-to-face interviews from Nigeria and Egypt so do have some data collected from Africa. This website also has a knowledge quiz and much other eco-related information on their website. A great new resource, so definitely worth checking out!


beXn said...

I scored 69! Mainly due to fact we don't own a car, rarely even use our carshare, don't eat meat and seafood, eat locally often, and have energy star appliances in our house.

Solarkat said...

Hi Bexnnie!

Dude, you are awesome! I didn't know you could get higher than 60--I wonder how high it goes! Yeah i think I got a pretty high score too because of being veggie, trying to eat local and organic (better at the organic than local though), and though have a car don't drive it much and it's gas efficient (I wish public transporation didn't suck here!). But I felt guilty putting two refrigerators down (since have to get one for my business).

Love you! It was good seeing you this weekend (though under sad circumstances).