Friday, August 08, 2008

New all natural beauty website and environmental articles: anb Mall and Eco Living articles (Environmental Products and Information on Green Living)

I am pleased to announce the opening of my friend Sharon's (owner of all natural beauty website, SharAmbrosia, anb forum, and anb Portal) newest all natural beauty related website called the anb Mall! Not sure where to get truly natural beauty products (or products from small businesses, and many women and family owned businesses)? This is the place to look! Links to many fantastic truly natural brands including several I haven't tried yet (I guess this means I have to try them now, LOL! :) ). This is as natural as it gets!

It is a double pleasure to let everyone know about her newest project because I am the anb Mall's Eco Living writer! :) I am so honored that Sharon has asked me to write eco living related articles for her site and I hope that everyone finds all of my environmental friendly tips helpful! In this month's issue (click here) I have defined what eco living is and provided a few very simple green tips. So once a month check out the Eco Living section for even more awesome tips on green living! And be sure to check out all of the other great sections of the anb Mall for cool deals, articles, and all natural beauty related news!


Kampuchea Crossings said...

Hey Li, Saw your article. I always have to explain to friends how eco-living is really affordable. Would you say you can live as eco-consciously as you do now on a lower budget? Or alternatively, can a bigger budget help you live more eco-friendly than now?

Just looking at my own lifestyle: Energy-saving technologies reduces costs but there’s high initial investments before savings are realised. A diverse diet is much, much more expensive than, say, a ramen noodles and chips diet (thanks, farm bill-- hope for a functional social protection system with health problems later). Soaps, shampoos, detergents, sunscreen, clothing, recycled paper and eco-friendly products, etc etc, are all much more expensive.

I might have to downsize a lot of these things!


Solarkat said...

Hi Natalie

I posted my response to your question on anb forum too, but I am cross posting it here since you asked here also :)

>Can people on this eco-friendly lifestyle do it on a low budget?

This requires a fairly long answer :) but the short answer is both yes and no, it depends how you live and how much you're willing to change your lifestyle, and to some extent where you live too. Perfect timing though :) I was debating about what topic to address for the September Eco Living article on anb Mall so I think I may address this topic :)

Diet wise it will be more expensive than ramen noodles and chips ;P but you can still eat well on a budget. (I personally spend a lot of groceries though but I'll explain why on that too).

If I decide to go with another topic for my Eco Living article (I was thinking of a few other ideas) then I'll answer your question in detail on my blog. I'll probably have the September article hopefully written by middle of the month.

Take care :)