Thursday, August 09, 2012

Eco Living/DIY Home Formulating: Powdered Fruit Extracts in skin care recipes

Another awesome question from K!  My most recent eco living/diy home beauty formulating question was on powdered fruit extracts.  Powdered fruit extracts and fruit powders are a wonderful way to use fruits in cosmetics.  K asked me if they can be subbed for juices in natural, fresh, kitchen cosmetic blends.  The answer: it depends since there are a few types of fruit extracts.  I use them extensively (both in crafting for myself, and I used them in crafting my skin care line too).  In the article I described the different kind of powdered fruit extracts and powders that I am familiar with, and offered some advice on subbing them for juices in the recipes.  Enjoy!

There are also liquid fruit extracts too, but I did not go over them since the question was specifically for the powdered kind.  But the liquid ones are all of the usual herbal and lab types of extracts: tinctures, vinegars, glycerites, oils, and also lab concentrated fruit extracts.

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