Monday, October 28, 2013

Have a Green Halloween! (Eco Living Article, All Natural Green Halloween Tips)

 I am so behind in posting here!  In the last few months I've been focusing on posting on Earth Alkemie's facebook fan page, so I have only been blogging on and off.

So I need to get busy writing here again!  As in the past, some things I will cross post (with added information here, of course! :) ) and some blog posts will be totally brand new here!

First up, here is my October eco living article on Green Halloween tips!  In the article I have listed many tips on how to celebrate Halloween in a green, more eco-friendly manner!  I've discussed everything from candy collecting, costumes, decorations, food, and more!  I've also included links to lots of other websites for ideas.  Here is the link to my main eco living page at anb (all natural beauty) mall, where you will currently find the first half of the article.  And here is the link to the second half of my Green Halloween article.  Note: this second link will lead to the full, complete article starting in early November (after the newest eco living article is put on the main page!)

A couple other green Halloween tips: I mentioned in my article that to make a washable hair color you could mix mineral makeup with hair gel or aloe.  To make liquid mineral makeup for the face and body, you could also mix it with aloe, or try mixing it with a lotion, or a balm base!

Many people buy mineral makeup online but you can find some mineral makeup companies locally: such as Whole Foods, Wegman's, and even places like CVS and Sephora!

Just thought I would mention some great Halloween games for kids!  Bobbing for apples was a popular Halloween pastime.  Or I remember there are some food games for kids in which you close your eyes and touch certain foods or objects, and guess what they are.  Basically you use foods for 'monster parts' or other slimy things--such as eye balls (use grapes) or worms (spaghetti).   Just found a great article on this game!  To make this game more eco-friendly, use leftover foods and compost them if you can!

Have a Happy Green Halloween!  :)

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