Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Aromatherapy Classes (Essential Oils And Acupoints)

I am very excited!  I just thought I’d post more about upcoming aromatherapy classes.

First I have to say I am happy that I was one of the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy’s giveaway winners (the giveaway was held at the end of March, see previous blog entry on that).  Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy (AIA) is Sylla Sheppard-Hanger’s school.  Sylla is a vintage aromatherapist and essential oil safety expert.  My prize was a workshop, but sadly I can’t make it during that date. :(  Luckily Sylla and her daughter Nyssa (who is also a knowledgeable aromatherapist) let me have a credit for their store instead.  Thanks again Sylla and Nyssa!  I really love Sylla’s books and practitioner course, and I hope that next year I can take some of Sylla’s and Nyssa’s workshops!  AIA offers a practitioner course (which is a correspondence, self study course), a new practitioner training program (which combines their practitioner course with live training workshops, videos, pdfs, etc), and workshops (which are 1-2 day in person/live classes).

I am sad about missing AIA’s workshop!  Next year I hope to take more live aromatherapy and herbal classes with some of the vintage pioneers, including Sylla, Jeanne Rose, and the Tierras.  But it really depends on my health and funds too (since none of them are local so I have to factor in traveling costs too, which quickly add up!).

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many live/in person herbal and aromatherapy courses and schools around where I live.  I’ve learned a lot from correspondence courses, books, scientific studies, etc, but there is nothing like a live course!  So I try to take them when I can!  There are only a couple herbal schools 1-2 hours away, but they are way out of my budget right now.  But I recently found a great live aromatherapy class just an hour away!  Peter Holmes and Tiffany Pollard are teaching a live class.  Peter Holmes is a vintage aromatherapist, acupuncturist, herbalist, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner.  Tiffany Pollard is an acupuncturist and a massage therapist.  Their class is on aroma acupoint therapy!  I am absolutely delighted because it is combining my love for aromatherapy with my newest passion: TCM!  I just started learning about TCM not too long ago (with the Tierras, who teach about the herbs and theories of TCM) and I took a meridian class (with Cindy Black, which taught the meridians and some of the acupoints used in massage).  I started receiving acupuncture treatments a couple months ago, and it has helped me so much with my daily muscle pain and some of my other issues.   So I am thrilled to learn about using (diluted) essential oils on acupoints!  Holmes and Pollard teach in person classes all over the country, so I highly recommend checking Holmes’s website 'Snow Lotus' for classes.

I am planning to take Robert Tisserand’s aromatherapy skincare live seminar in NYC, which is just a few hours away!  I have family there or in nearby states so traveling probably won’t be too hard (traveling is often very physically painful and exhausting for me, plus I also have to consider my food allergies, so it does take a little more planning).  Tisserand is a vintage aromatherapist and essential oil safety expert.  The class is not until the fall but there is an early bird discount if you sign up now (which ends May 14).  It will be wonderful learning from Tisserand on a subject that I love (I am an all natural skin care formulator).  Just hope I feel okay health wise then!

I really love studying plants and I am glad that I am learning even more about them!  I have been studying aromatherapy and herbalism for a long time (13 years; and learning about plants for many years before that), but I have been taking more courses recently to review some info, learn different perspectives on the subjects, and learn a lot of new information!  

Edited to change the early bird special date for Tisserand's class since he extended it.  See also my newest blog post for more about his classes.  Edited again since it is the 14th not the 15th!

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