Saturday, August 05, 2006

Blog update--Small Font/Links fixed!

Hi everyone,

Well it took me a while, but I finally fixed the small text/link problem. I am silly! I accidentally didn't type the / when closing the header tags in the html code for some of the headers for the links, thus causing the weirdness in the fonts. I guess I should've cut and paste rather than trying to add links by typing in the html code manually from memory, LOL! (Still trying to learn html code; I'm really good at using the html editors which automatically generate the html code for you--I used to teach how to use html editors and other webpage/graphic info as an undergrad--but my html skills still need work!). I guess safari, firefox, and netscape didn't care that some of my tags were not closed, but Internet Explorer sure did!

Thanks again for Robin and Sue for mentioning the font size was wacky. If anyone in the future notices anything wrong with any of the links, formatting, etc, of this blog, please post a comment. I generally blog using Firefox or Safari (since many Blogger features only work on Firefox, and I am a Mac user) so don't really use Netscape or Internet Explorer (though I do have those browsers on my computer), and may not be aware of problems on various browsers, or how it may look like on a PC.


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