Friday, August 18, 2006

List of Animal Ingredients to Avoid in Cosmetics (Natural Skin Care/Vegetarian)

If you're vegetarian, vegan, or just want to use cruelty free cosmetics, there may be some ingredients in cosmetics you may want to avoid. Here is a list of animal ingredients that I avoid, or am in the process of eliminating.

-emu oil (from a bird)
-carmine aka cochineal (a red colorant from beetles used in cosmetics and foods; many makeup companies use micas that have been coated with carmine, or use this in red/purple colored makeup)
-elastin (from cows)
-lactalbumin (milk protein)
-hyaluronic acid (usually from rooster)
-makeup brushes (many are made from animal hair; good alternative: taklon, which is a synthetic bristle)
-lanolin/lanolin alcohol/lanolin oil (from sheep wool)

Ingredients in perfumes:

-musk (from musk deer; still used in some perfumes)
-civet (still used in some areas/countries)
-ambergris (from sperm whale; not really used; but apparantly still possible to get but thankfully very hard to find)
-castereum (from beaver)

Ingredients that can be from animal or plant:
-lecithin (can be from egg yolk; can also be from soy)
-squalene (can be from sharks; can also be from olives)
-stearic acid/stearyl alcohol (can be from animal fat. can also be from vegetable fat)

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