Thursday, February 01, 2007

Puffy Eyes (All Natural Skin Care)

My eyes are really puffy; what natural products can I use for puffiness and general eye care?

The classic remedies for puffy eyes are to apply either cold cucumber slices or chamomile tea bags (dampen; okay to use used tea bags) to the eyes for 15 to 20 minutes.

If you don't have time for that, try a serum or cream with german chamomile or helichrysum essential oil (6-12 drops of essential oils in 1 ounce of carrier oil or cream), which are both good for inflammmation and puffiness.

For general eye care, I recommend using shea butter around the eye area. Since west shea may be a little hard to spread, either let it melt in your hands before applying, or use east shea which is easier to spread. Also some good carrier oils to use are rosehip seed oil, camellia oil, and kukui nut oil (all are anti-aging and nourishing). For those that don't want to use straight oils and butters, try buying a natural eye cream that has some of these ingredients.


Anonymous said...

hi solarkat...glad to see you've been able to pull yourself away for a bit...

for puffy/tired eyes (i sit infront of a computer all can imagine what that does for the eyes!) i also really like cornflower hydrosol...i buy organic from a supplier i trust & usually dampen cotton pads & place them over my eyes, and sometimes even drop a bit into my eyes if they are particularly irritated/dry - sort of like an all natural visine (but please note that this hydrosol i purchase is from a supplier i trust and i always keep an eye out for cloudiness/odd smell, etc. before putting the hydrosol directly in my eyes).


Solarkat said...

Hi Danielle,

Thanks for the suggestion; I haven't tried cornflower hydrosol yet. (My list of things to try just keeps growing ;) ) Sounds soothing. :) I prefer just using the cotton pad method because of the essential oil content in hydrosols.