Saturday, July 28, 2007

Organic Cloth Menstrual Pads: E-a-poo's Review

I loved E-a-poo's pads! They are my second favorite pads (tied in second place with the pads from Go with the flo).

I bought two pads from E-a-poo's: a blue royal organic hemp cotton velour top with a woven terry two-ply soaker and a microfleece bottom (a waterproof barrier) AND a scarlet bamboo organic cotton velour layer with a two-ply woven terry soaker and a one-ply coordinating micro fleece (description taken directly from their website, slightly edited). They cost $9.75 each and are both organic AIOs (all-in-ones) with wings. They also make pads in a variety of (non-organic) fabric prints.

Though I loved both pads, I liked the bamboo/cotton pad slightly better than the hemp/cotton because it was ever so slightly softer (but the hemp/cotton one was pretty soft too!). I liked the pads because they stayed in place, absorbed well, didn't bunch, and were very comfortable. The cloth is hand dyed and the colors are very bold and pretty, and the dyes didn't run at all (the blue royal had a dark blue and green top with a light-medium blue back, and the scarlet one had a red and yellow top and a yellow bottom). They were about the same thickness as the ones from GWTF; in other words, much thinner than a regular conventional pad but not as thin as an ultra thin pad. I especially liked how they were cut, they offered superior protection.

Not only were their prices good but shipping was fast and I also received a free sample of soap with my order (vegetarian but not vegan, and nearly all natural; it contains goat milk and fragrance oils). They also sell a number of other items including cloth baby diapers, a few bath products, and nursing pads. They do custom orders. I will definitely buy more pads from them and will probably also try their panty liners in the future :)

Overall, I think I prefer AIO pads over pads with liners or inserts (I'll be reviewing the pads from Lunapads--a pad with liners--and Gladrags--a pad with inserts--shortly).

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