Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Organic Cloth Menstrual Pads: Go with the Flo Review

I really loved the pads from Go with the flo. Though Homemade Mama's hemp pad with waterproof backing was my favorite pad out of all the ones I tried, these (along with the pads from E-a-poos; review soon to be posted) were a very close second. I bought two of their AIOs (all in ones): a standard maxi pad and petite maxi pad, both in a tie-dyed multi-colored blue. The pads I got were made with a hemp core, and topped with bamboo velour (organic). Other fabrics they offer are organic cotton velour, hemp velour and hemp fleece, backed with either fleece or wool. They also sell pads with inserts, but I did not try these. All of their pads have wings. They usually also take custom orders, but at this time are not accepting custom orders. First I have to say the colors were bright and among the prettiest of pads that I got. The pads were very, very soft and comfortable to wear (I love bamboo velour, and both bamboo and hemp are super absorbent). The pads were thin (not as thin as the hemp one from HM or a disposable ultra thin pad but much thinner than a conventional regular pad). They also didn't bunch up and stayed in place. There wasn't too much of a difference in the width between the petite and standard maxis but though I have a small frame I actually preferred the standard since it fit my underwear better. They also washed easily, without staining. The only minor qualm I had is that though I prewashed them, in my soak container one of the pads rubbed up against some of my cream colored pads (from other companies) and tinted parts of them a very light bluish-green. It was so strange because the dye from the other pad didn't run. It doesn't really bother me (since the tinting was very slight and kind of pretty) but just thought I'd mention don't mix your cream colored pads in with your colored pads in your soak container (I usually never mix my whites/creams with my colored clothes, but I just didn't think about this with the menstrual cloths). The cost of these pads are pretty good (especially for organic bamboo and hemp). I paid around $10 per pad (I'll post the exact figure a little later, I'm out of town so don't remember the exact price and the style of pads I bought isn't instock so the price isn't on the website). I bought them through the K and F shop; shipping was fast and free (no shipping fee) (so though they were slightly more expensive then the ones from HM, there was no shipping fee so it ended up being about the same price or just slightly more). I originially had wanted to order through the Yinia shop (since they also were selling pads from other companies) but had trouble with their shopping cart, even though I tried several times to buy from them with different browsers (see the GWTF website for links to the different shops that sell them). I also received a lovely free candle with my order (with their business info attached to the label; smart advertising).

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