Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day and new article on ticks and essential oils

I hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day weekend.  Today is the day we honor those who have fallen serving our country.  I hope that everyone is spending time with loved ones today.

I just answered a question on essential oils (I am the allnatural beauty website’s Eco Living and DIY Natural Beauty Formulating Expert, so answer questions on anything green, and also how to make natural skin care).  I was asked if tea tree essentialoil was effective as a tick repellent, and if it was safe for children andpregnant women (thanks Barbara for the question!).  I also included information on two other essential oils (lavender and citronella) for tick repellency, and information on using herbs on cats and dogs.  There is also information on what to use on insect bites too.  So even if you don’t plan on using it on kids, or if you aren’t pregnant, there is still a lot of good information in the article.

I have been using essential oils as insect repellents for many years (since I started learning about aromatherapy so eleven or so years), and have found them to be very effective in many different types of environments, and against many different types of insects too (some essential oils are better general repellents, while others are better for repelling only certain types of insects).  I love using essential oils as repellents because they not only are effective, but smell great!

Hope you enjoy the article!  Feel free to ask me or any of the other anb experts questions (be sure to ask your question through the anb website, or on the anb’sfacebook page).  I also wrote more about this article and insect repellents on Earth Alkemie's blog (my blog for my skin care business) too.

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