Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Earth Alkemie's fanpage web address

I usually try to keep my business and personal thoughts separate (hence why I have my personal blog--which is this blog--and also a business blog, facebook, and forum).  But just thought I would announce that I have changed the url for Earth Alkemie's facebook fan page.  It is now easier to type and remember: 

Please update your bookmarks, and check out Earth Alkemie's facebook if you're not a fan yet! :)  I post many different topics: eco living, natural skin care, aromatherapy, herbalism, and more!  And when Earth Alkemie reopens--hopefully early next year, if my health gets much better--I will be posting more ingredient related information, product info, and will be resuming regular contests.  I often post a few times a week and often daily there.

The past week or two, when time permits, I have been trying to post some of the same information on this blog and Earth Alkemie's blog and forum (that I post on the fanpage), but some of the stuff I post on the fan page, I don't post on the blogs.  Since I've only been posting on the blogs regularly again recently, there are a lot of posts on the fan page that aren't on the blogs.  The opposite is true too--I usually don't post reviews about other companies or products I have tried on the fan page (since Earth Alkemie's fan page is my business's official fan page).  So my thoughts of eco-friendly products are only posted here on this blog.

On the fan page, I also post a lot of my older articles or blog posts for new readers to see (I have written over 60 eco living articles, and almost a couple dozen eco living/DIY articles, as well a few hundred blog posts).  So I hope to see you on facebook!

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