Saturday, October 29, 2005

All Natural Beauty forum and site (All natural skin care/beauty forum and website)

Since August, about the time I started this blog, I've been part of several forums. One of my favorites (and one of the ones I post most often on) is the All Natural Beauty forum. Hosted by Sharon Houghton, a licensed aesthetician and owner of SharAmbrosia, this forum is great for sharing ideas, and finding truly all natural products.
Another awesome source for finding information on all natural skin care products is the All Natural Beauty's website. This site is jammed pack with information on all natural skin care, recipes, and links to several wonderful companies. My favorite section on the site is the article section (reading room), which includes writings by Sharon, Debbie Bilezikian of Monave mineral makeup, aromatherapist and herbal marvel Jeanne Rose, and many others. I also love the recipe section; the lavender, honey, milk bath courtesy of the National Honey Board is particulary soothing, and leaves the skin so soft!

A special thanks to Sharon, who put a link to this blog on the All Natural Beauty's website!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice comments about our site and forum. You've been so helpful and informative in the forum. I love your blog site. Keep up the great job that you are doing to help others see what real "natural beauty care" is!

Sharon Houghton

Anonymous said...

I've noted a few nice articles about natural beauty at: if you go to their "natural beauty pages" link.

Really helpful stuff, especially with mineral makeup information.//


Solarkat said...

Hi Rachael

Thanks for posting :)

I have not tried this MMU company yet, however I just checked out their site and they have some nice MMU articles as well as skin care articles and some recipes.