Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Girl Kills Bear (News article)

There was a disturbing article in Monday's Metro section of the Washington Post. Last year, the state of Maryland started allowing bear hunting. This year's season started with the death of a 211 lbs bear killed by an eight year old girl. That's right, a child. I frankly don't know what is is more chilling, the death of the bear, or that this eight year old is gleeful that she has killed a bear and doesn't think there is anything wrong with the fact that she did.


Anonymous said...

I looked at their atricle and could not finish reading it all, my stomach turned and it hurt my heart, I love animals so much, and I think that lil girl is horrendous, they should make another omen movie with her in it as the main evil character and call it "Omen VI, the Spawn of the Spawn of Satan, Damien's daughter"

Solarkat said...

Hi Piper,

I love animals too :)

I think in certain circumstances hunting is okay (like hunting done by the arctic indigenous peoples), but overall I do not support hunting, and this article made me really sad too, since it was a little girl, and there aren't too many bears in the area (and we need MORE natural predators in the area to help with our deer overpopulation problem to keep the ecosystem in check!)