Friday, October 21, 2005

Mighty Mouse (Apple computer product review)

After two weeks of slight tracking problems, my mouse (the one that came with my Emac that I got 3 years ago) decided to act up even more last weekend, and then sputter out completely and die. Needless to say I was not happy, since I had a lot of work to complete and could not finish it. It seems like most people (including me) never realize how important something that appears small and insignificant is--that you don't think much about when using--until it's gone. I think I really learned that lesson last weekend.

So a few days ago I purchased Apple's Mighty Mouse, which set me back about $50. I did not have time to go to the Apple store, nor could I wait to order it online, so unfortunately had to pay full price for it at my school's computer store. (FYI, if you are a student or educator, and can get to an Apple store or order at the Apple store online, Apple offers an educational discount. I usually prefer ordering online since it is free shipping and no tax). Though I could have gotten a non-Apple mouse for cheaper (shudder), I could not bring myself to buy a non-Apple product, especially after I went to a store and tried some of them out, and found that they were not only an eye-sore, but they were so bulky, and the tracking didn't seem as smooth as an apple mouse. So far I am liking my new mouse. Though it was a tad expensive, it is an optical mouse (like my old one) except it has several new features. My favorite so far is the scroll ball located on top of the mouse; it is so awesome! I can now scroll up and down, or left and right without moving the whole mouse, which is helpful in reducing strain. The thing I am still getting used to is that (though you can't see it; the top is smooth and not split) it can work as a two button mouse. This doesn't other me too much, except when I accidentally click the right side of the mouse instead of the left. I may reconfigure it to be a one button mouse, if it drives me too crazy though! I don't have OS 10.4 yet, but the mouse can provide easy access to several of Tiger's features. I plan on upgrading my computer soon though, so will be sure to try out those additional features. The tracking is really smooth, and the mouse isn't bulky at all. Overall I am pleased with my purchase, and am once again happy I have access to my computer.

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