Monday, May 22, 2006

Enfleurage and more NYC (Aromatherapy retail/online shop)

Well, we didn't win a free laptop at the Apple Store but we did get several free t-shirts.

Today we went to Enfleurage, an aromatherapy shop on Bleecker Street. Enfleurage has been cited in several aromatherapy books for its high quality essential oils and variety. I had wanted to go for a while, but could never remember that I did whenever I came to the city. It's a small shop (like most NYC shops) but they had so many essential oils that I hadn't tried before! For some plants they had several types of essential oils extracted from different methods like the distilled, pressed, absolute, or CO2 (for example: they had both the expressed and distilled lime). And for some, they had essential oils from several species (like two species of Jasmine) or essential oils grown in different areas (like Rosemary grown in three different places). Sometimes I hate buying essential oils online since you can't smell them, so I finally got to smell many of the more unusual ones before buying. They also have some organic oils; I brought a few and they smell wonderful :). They also sell a small selection of books, herbs, incense, diffusers, candles, and soap (not all items are online).


Unknown said...

Enfleurage in NYC is a wonderful Essential Oils store. Do check it out at 321 Bleecker Street, when you're in NYC.

Solarkat said...

Hi Sri,

Thank you for your comments :)
Enfluerage is a great store!