Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mineral Makeup Liquid Foundation and Tinted Moisturizer (Mineral Makeup/Vegan suggestions)

Some days I prefer a liquid foundation or a tinted moisturizer to my mineral makeup (powder) foundation. And other days I like a bit of heavier concealing around my eyes (on those days I look like a night owl), but find that many of the mineral makeup (powder) concealer foundations to be too chalky and heavy for use around my eyes, and the regular formulations to not cover dark circles enough either.

Only a few mineral makeup companies actually make liquid mineral makeup foundation. But it's also real easy to make your own too! I've also included info on if it's vegan, veggie, or not.

I love Monave. They make both a cream foundation and a liquid matte foundation. It is 100% natural. The liquid matte foundation is vegan, the cream foundation is not. They also have a lot of creams in which you can add (powder) mineral makeup to. They do not test on animals. Most of their products are vegan (including many of their lippies). You can buy samples. Full range of foundation colors and mineral makeup.

The Organic Makeup Company in Canada also makes a vegan mineral foundation. Despite being in Canada, the prices are good and shipping is ok. If I am not mistaken they are a completely vegan company. They make 100% natural and organic products. I have not tried them, but they are apparantly a favorite of many ladies on the forums I visit.

Mieessence is a natural and organic company from Australia. As far as I know only their shampoo and some body washes contain 1 synthetic ingredient, but the rest of their products are completely natural. They have liquid mineral foundation but I haven't tried it yet, and compared to the other brands listed here, it is a bit pricey. I have tried their creams and love them though. The liquid foundation is vegan but their concealer contains beeswax but is veggie. Their makeup only comes in a few colors.

Burt's Bees makes a tinted moisturizer that I used to love, but I stopped using it once I discovered what carmine (a colorant from crushed beetles) was a couple years ago. I used to like it because I used this as my facial moisturizer too. Their makeup only comes in a few colors.

How to MIY:

If you like mineral makeup but prefer a tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation, or thick creamy concealer, just add a small amount of mineral makeup to your favorite cream, lotion, or aloe vera. Depending on how much mineral makeup you add, you can create anything from a light tinted moisturizer to a heavier product.

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