Friday, May 19, 2006

New Apple Store in NY

Right now I am at the new Apple Store in New York City, located at 767 Fifth Avenue. My sister and Ed came down to N. Va yesterday night, and then we left N. Va at 6 am in the morning, made a stop in Philly, and then got to New York and after a quick break, left for the Apple Store. We arrived about 2:30pm, and there were only about 75-100 people ahead of us in line!! We waited in line until 6 pm (when it started) braving the intense thunderstorms--we got soaked but luckily had umbellas. The store is beautiful--outside it looks like a cube, with the Apple symbol (no written sign), and the store is all underground (downstairs). It is supposed to be Apple's first 24/7 store--pretty kewl! There are a lot of famous people here; we saw Steve Jobs, Kevin Bacon, James Woods, Julianne Moore, Elizabeth Berkeley, the cast of Saturday Night Live.

We all got free t-shirts, and also there are drawings every hour for the next 24 hours to win a free laptop. I hope we win something! I also got accessories for my ipod nano.

I am tired, and my jeans are still soaked, but damn it, it's Apple, and I'm with my family and it is totally worth it!!!! :)

More later!!

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beXn said...

But how could you forget that guy on a Segway with the license plate "Mac Geek?!"