Monday, July 31, 2006

Blog update: problems with links

Hi everyone,

A reader just posted about a comment about problems on viewing some of the links, and I posted a response (in the comments section), but just in case everyone doesn't see it, I'm posting my response as an entry too.

Thanks Robin for posting your comment! :)

The problem is that some of the links are showing up in really small, tiny, unreadable font.

Here is my response; what I think the problem is:

"I think there may be either a bug in the html code, or it may be just how certain browsers show my blog.

(I'm on a Mac and) I noticed a few days ago that in Safari, Firefox, and Netscape the font size is fine (same as all the other links), but on Internet Explorer the font size is tiny on some of the links, which is strange since the font on all the links is supposed to be the same (I did not change the html code on any of the links, and I had originally written the code for all font to be the same size). I'll have to look at the html code again, and see if it got corrupted. Sorry about that, I'll try to fix it when I have time, but it probably won't be for several days since I have a lot of grad school work now.

Most of the links that are showing up as small font in IE are just the individual entries of my archives.
If you want to read any of the archives/previous posts, you can scroll down to the very last links, and click on the individual months you want to read.

I'll try to fix it as soon as I can! :) "

So is anyone else having problems seeing the links in Internet Explorer or on any other browser? I'll look at the html code and address this prob soon (probably not for a week or more at least--sorry; my rough draft if my thesis proposal is due soon), but in the meantime, click on the individual months of the archives if you are having trouble viewing the links to the individual entries!



flowerpower said...

Yes the first few lines are readable then they get smaller and smaller until they are soooo miniscule. you cant see them.
they have been like that for months i just figured it was your program.

Solarkat said...

Hi Sue M,

Thanks for posting :)

I just noticed it myself a few days ago so I am glad Robin and you posted because I don't use Internet Explorer much. My primary browser is Safari, and I blog on either Safari or Firefox (which is the browser that all the features in Blogger is supported for on a Mac). I seldom use IE (or Netscape). On my computer my blog looks fine in S, FF, and NS, but not in IE. So I will look at the html code probably in a week or so, but if it's fine, it is just how IE views the page, and if that's the case there is nothing I can do about it. Hopefully it's the html code or a problem that can be fixed, because a lot of people use IE!