Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Natural Deodorant; MIY Dusting Powder (Natural Skin Care)


What is a good natural deodorant?

My favorite all natural deodorant is the crystal rock. It is the only natural deodorant that I've found that really works! The trick is to get them very wet (run them under water), and also apply to freshly washed skin (it doesn't work so good if you apply it in the middle of the day!). You can also spray the crystal with witch hazel, rose hydrosol, or aromatherapy spray (water with essential oils and maybe alcohol or witch hazel) for extra odor protection, but note, sometimes the crystal can feel rough if you wet it with something other than water. Some people prefer getting it in liquid form, but be careful, since some liquid brands are preserved with synthetic preservatives, like parabens. They are only good for controlling odor, but for wetness, I'll use my crystal rock first, and then apply a powder (see below). Works great! Using just powder, witch hazel, rose hydrosol, or aromatherapy spray also work great for some people, but I prefer either using just the crystal rock, or combining a few things. The crystal rock is also very cost effective since 1 rock lasts at least a year! Available at health food stores or online, multiple brands.

If you don't want to make your own aromatherapy spray,
Burt's Bees also makes a nice herbal deodorant, as does Mountain Rose Herbs. Terressentials also makes a good all natural deodorant (basically a combination of aloe, herb extracts, baking soda, essential oils). I also once used the one from Aubrey Organics, but I did not like it at all (some people love it though; I think it's the only product they make that I don't love).

MIY Dusting Powders
(for under arm sweating or all over body)

You can use any of the following: clay, baking soda (mix with another powder since it can be a bit gritty), cornstarch (some people are allergic), orris root (some people are allergic), or arrowroot. To any of the powders listed, add about 5-10 drops of essential oils per ounce (to fragrance, and they are also antibacterial), mix well, and let sit for a few days; lavender is a popular fragrance. You can add also finely grind herbs like lavender, chamomile, or rose flowers to add a bit of scent.

I like adding clary sage essential oil (Salvia sclarea) since it not only is a great deodorant, but also reduces sweating. Other good deodorants: lavender, tea tree, and bergamot essential oils. Rose and cypress essential oils also great for reducing odor and also for sweating (though true rose attar is pricey!)

More about powder: though talc is a natural product, I wouldn't recommend it, as it is often contaminated with asbestos. Also talc itself has been linked to ovarian cancer, and is a known carcinogen when breathed into the lungs (Hampton, A. 2000. Take Charge beauty Book).