Saturday, July 29, 2006

Herbs and Oils for Anti-aging (Natural Skin Care)

What are some carrier oils, essential oils, and herbs that I can use for anti-aging?

A lot of carrier oils, herbs, and essential oils are great for anti-aging; many will reduce and help prevent the signs of aging, soften and soothe fine lines, and improve the clarity of the skin. Some plants like lavender can also heal and regenerate the skin. Now I don't have any real lines yet, but I fully intend to prevent them for as long as I can. LOL! ;)

Here are a few carrier oils, essential oils, and herbs that good for anti-aging. This list is by no means a full list as there are many, many herbs, essential oils, carrier oils, and butters that are great for the skin. I've just listed a few of my favorites :)

Carrier oils and butters:
rose hip seed oil (don't use on active acne)
kukui nut butter and oil
camellia oil (from the green tea plant)
shea butter
sea buckthorn oil (this has to be mixed with another carrier oil)

Essential oils:

rose attar
carrot seed
myrrh (the Egyptions used frankincense and myrrh to preserve mummies!)
clary sage (mimics hormones)
geranium (mimics hormones)
patchouli (along with lavender, a favorite of men but great for women too!)

Herbs (used usually in the form of extracts or infusions):
Green tea
rooibos (both are anti-oxidants, and rooibos is great for dry skin)


beXn said...

Solarbones, how about some MIY info about insect repellants? i've gotten 3 mosquito bites and they itch and swell like insanity. also, is it true that eating garlic or vitamin B12 (or anything at all) really affects the way your skin smells, and therefore whether you're attractive or repulsive to mosquitoes? thanks bonesli!

Solarkat said...

Meow! I already talked to you but just in case someone else wanted to know good essentials oils to use on bug bites are lavender, chamomile, helichrysum, geranium, and clary sage. Lavender, chamomile, and helichrysum are the best since lavender will reduce the toxins and also help inflammation to some extent, though the chamomile and helichrysum will reduce the swelling the most. Be sure to dilute in a carrier oil. I'm pretty sure what you eat affects how you smell and makes you more attractive/repulsive, but it varies with the person

Anonymous said...

Li, what about something to put on our dogs, or to make a little scarf for their necks to repell fleas/.ticks/and mosquitos? I don't like the commercial alternatives. TIA, Pat

Solarkat said...

Hi everyone,

I already answered Pat on the GOW forum about this one, but I will post my response on this blog later as an entry within the next few days.