Thursday, August 31, 2006

Assumptions of Asian Beauty (Asian/Asian American Issues)

I know I said I'd be away but just wanted to post today (hey, it's the beginning of the semester, so I'm not super crazy-busy yet!)

I was just on a forum, and someone basically posted 'why do asians try to look non-asian/caucasian: getting surgury on their eyelids, coloring their hair, and bleaching their skin'. That post kind of annoyed me, because a lot of people assume that just because an Asian person colors their hair or has the double lids or has light skin or who don't have perfectly straight hair is trying to look caucasian. True, some people may be trying to, but just because a person looks a certain way or chooses to alter their appearance does not neccessary mean that they hate the way they look and are trying to look like someone else.

As many of you know, I am of Asian descent: Chinese-American actually, meaning my family is originally from China, but I am an American (another assumption a lot people make is that people of Asian descent can't be Americans as well. I guess that they don't know that it was a Chinese-American who won the right in the late 1800s that that if you're born on U.S. land, you are an American citizen. But that is a post for another day).

Growing up I had very, very dark brown almost black hair (not true black), and it's only been within the last few years it's been true black (since I've started using natural cosmetics. I don't know if it's because natural cosmetics don't dry my hair as much, or that I just don't spend as much time in the sun or what; anyways it's black now). Also I was born with curly hair, which straightened out as I grew up. Nowadays I prefer my natural hair color, but in college (eight years ago) I did dye red hairlights in my hair twice, because I thought it was pretty and interesting.

I was born with double lids, similar to everyone else in my family (both my dad's and mom's side). Many people don't know this, but actually about 25% of Asians naturally have double lids.

I have light-medium skin; not as pale as some Asians are, but not as dark as others, but I can get pretty light in the winter time.

Unlike what some people assume, I am not trying to look caucasian, it's just the way I look/was born. I am proud of my Chinese heritage! I just wish some people didn't assume so much about other people.


Words said...

Its so really annoying to hear that you are trying to emulate someone. And frankly its so irritating to expalin, we all sometimes need to try out different things and there is no harrm in that.

Solarkat said...


Realized I may have misread your first sentence (plural 'you', singular 'you', or sarcasm???). I need to eat something (low blood sugar).

Anyways I agree that
>>we all sometimes need to try out different things and there is no harrm in that


Anonymous said...

I love what you expressed, I think all seperatism is wrong, we are all beautiful no matter where we come from and I love the way you express yourself. I dye my hair with natural dye too but I love color so, lol. I really like the way you say things, it's awesome, amen.

Solarkat said...

Hi Piper,

Thanks for your skin words :)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I've known and enjoyed your posts at the Delphi forums for some time now and just have time to come visit your blog. I find this issue on Asian Beauty to be quite interesting, especially when you hit the nail on the head pointing to the danger of assumptions.

It's interesting to me because in my study on cross-cultural intelligence, evidences from my field work suggest strongly that a LOT of the "tensions" among people of different backgrounds (ethnics and cultures included) arise out of wrong assumptions, mostly assumptions based on one experience and imposed on others. Wrong-assumption leads to wrong interpretation and results in wrong action/reaction.

To those that frown on Asian that like certain "Caucasian" looks, you can only ask what difference is that from Caucasian who fancy certain "Asian" looks, such as tan skin or rich, dark hair. It's just a matter of preference, and race or ethnicity shouldn't have anything to do with it much.

Enough babbling. I'll come visit your blog more often now. Can't spend the whole day on it although it's tempting.


Solarkat said...

Hi Noi,

Sorry for taking many days to respond to your post; thank you for your thoughts! Hope you see this! I've enjoyed reading your posts on MMM forum too :)

Take care :)


Anonymous said...

completely agree with you.
I am Asian & proud with who I am & how I look.

A few years ago I went back to my country & really shocked. Many Asian people wearing really BLUE contact lenses. It looks really scary to me. And dye their hair blond.

Note: Thank you so much for your helping me at GOW. I bought many beautiful books.

Kind regards,

Solarkat said...

Hi L,

Glad you like my blog, thanks for posting :) Enjoy the books! :)