Saturday, December 09, 2006

Uses of Carrier Oils (All Natural Skin Care)

What can I use carrier oils for?

There are many uses for carrier oils. Here are some of my favorites:

-use as a hot oil hair treatment (infused with herbs or add essential oils)
-in balms/salves and body butters
-make lotions or creams with them
-use as a body/massage oil or bath oil (mixed with essential oils or infuse with herbs)
-use as a skin cleanser or makeup remover (good for dry skin or some normal skin types. If it's too oily, follow with soap)
-use as a serum (mixed with essential oil)
-add to soap (liquid or melt and pour or rebatched)
-in salt and sugar scrubs, or any kind of scrub
-in masks
-make an oil based perfume

What carrier oils can I use in my hair as a hot oil treatment?

You can use almost any carrier oil, but different carrier oils have different properties, and certain oils are better for specific skin and hair types.

Good alternatives for dry hair include extra virgin olive oil; evoo infused with rosemary is a classic natural hair treatment. If your hair is extra dry try avocado oil (very rich and heavy; better if you mix it with a lighter oil). Rosehip seed oil is very nourishing for dry to normal to dry hair. For normal hair, you could also use sweet almond or apricot oils, or try the evoo. For oily, try grapeseed oil. For all hair types, try camellia oil (which is one of the lightest oils out there, and is easier to shampoo out than the other oils). Be sure not to apply too much oil to your hair or it'll be hard to get out.

Where can I buy carrier oils; can I buy them locally?

Some stores like Walmart or maybe Target may sell jojoba and extra virgin coconut oil. You may be able to find coconut oil in a regular supermarket, but usually it's very refined and not the extra virgin unrefined kind. Usually you can find the oils in health food/natural food stores like Whole Foods (if you buy coconut oil from Whole Foods be sure you get the oils near the vitamin oil and not from the cooking section, since the ones near the vitamin aisle are unrefined/virgin and organic). You can also order them online like from Garden of Wisdom and Mountain Rose Herbs. I highly suggest purchasing organic, unrefined, cold pressed oils which contain more vitamins and nutrients.

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