Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Essential Oil Recipes For Menstrual Pain (Aromatherapy)

One thing that I love about aromatherapy is how effective it is!  When I first started studying aromatherapy many years ago, some of the very first blends I ever made were for menstrual pain and other menstrual symptoms.  Aromatherapy pioneer and essential oil safety expert Robert Tisserand recently posted on his facebook fan page some recipes for menstrual pain that were based on clinical research.  He also linked to a couple of the studies for those interested in reading the actual scientific studies.

The recipes he posted include lavender, clary sage, sweet marjoram, and/or rose essential oils. I have used all of these essential oils in the past in my own blends, and they are very effective. Some of the essential oils are analgesic and antispasmodic, while others are emmenagogue.

Different aromatherapy blends work for different people, and some months some blends work better than others.  And there are other months were nothing topically applied works.  So I recommend trying different recipes to see what works for you!

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