Thursday, March 19, 2015

Free Herbal Webinar Tonight (Herbalism)

I just found out about this recently.  But there is a free herbal webinar tonight.  It is being hosted by John Gallagher of Learning Herbs and Herb Mentor.  And it is going to feature herbalist Tina Sams from the Essential Herbal Magazine.  I really love all the free Learning Herbs webinars since they usually host many long time herbalists and herbalism pioneers; so they are jammed pack with information!

I recommend viewing the webinar live, since they often don't record them, or if they do record them and they release a replay then it is usually an edited version. (The webinars tend to run 3-4 hours, and the few times they have released a replay, it was much shorter, like only 30 minutes).  It starts at 8:30 pm Eastern and 5:30 pm Pacific.

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