Saturday, March 07, 2015

Free Essential Oil E-book (Aromatherapy)

I'm not a fan of most free or inexpensive ebooks on aromatherapy, herbalism, natural skin care, and perfumery.  Most of them are usually riddled with mistakes.   And sadly only a handful of the best books on these subjects (the ones written by the pioneers or long time aromatherapists, herbalists, etc) are available as ebooks, but they are typically not free or low cost--there are a few exceptions though. But today I found out that a good aromatherapy ebook is free for the next few days.

'The Art And Science of Aromatherapy: Your Guide for Personal Aromatherapy, abridged version' by Kayla Fioravanti is free on amazon from now until March 10th, 2015.  I haven't read this book yet (I have the full version and only read a few pages) but Fioravanti is a registered aromatherapist (through the Aromatherapy Registration Council).  She was also the founder of Essential Wholesale, a well known ingredient and product vendor.  But even if you miss getting the free version, her ebooks tend to be fairly inexpensive, and are usually great!

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