Thursday, June 28, 2007

Li's crafting thoughts 6-28-07

I haven't crafted all week (I have a cold) but here's what I've crafted since my last crafting thoughts post :)

Serums: I made the most perfect serum for my skin a couple weeks ago. It is light, absorbs fast, and the last several days my skin has looked great (and my skin is good to begin with)! I still need to work on crafting blends for other skin types but I am off to an awesome start in designing my skincare line! I just got a big box from Garden of Wisdom (thanks Markey!) and once I'm better I'm going to start working on crafting antioxidant serums, both in an oil and water base (I've only formulated it on paper thus far, still need to mix and concoct it :) ). I'm definitely adding some pomegranate CO2 to both blends, but ouch! everything I plan to use is extremely pricey stuff! ;P

Made a body lotion using both of my rose hydrosols (regular rose and rose alba). I added way too much sea buckthorn oil so the color is pretty orange though! This was my first lotion with alcohol in it (from the herbal extract I used) so I am proud of it! Note: if you use sea buckthorn oil, always dilute it well because it can stain the skin if you have very light skin.

Mineral makeup multipurpose powder:
Crafted a gorgeous light pink shade that looks great as eye shadow, a blush, and an all over body shimmer. As an eyeshadow it looks more pink, but as a blush or body shimmer it is mainly a touch of color with silvery sparkles. Just perfect!

Scrubs and masks
More experiments with agave in masks and scrubs. I need to post more agave recipes soon! :)

Aromatherapy spray:Made a simple spray for bugs. It smells great and the thing I love about natural cosmetics--they are multi-purpose! I've also been using it as a room freshener, sanitizer, and also body/perfume spray!

Hair oil treatment:Made a simple hair oil deep conditioning treatment scented with Ylang Ylang complete. I love YY #1 and #3 but I never believed it could sub for jasmine until I tried YY complete. It is the most sensual, but relaxing scent--and it made my hair look and smell great!

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