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Monave: New Sultry Collection Review (Mineral Makeup/All Natural Cosmetics)

Review and description of all of Monave's (a retail and wholesale MMU and skin care company) new colors. I was fortunate enough to receive samples of their 5 lip glosses and 13 powders from their new sultry collection. The colors will be available on their website soon. This review is cross-posted on Monave's forum.

Here is my review/description of the new sultry collection. For reference, I have light-medium skin, strong yellow/gold tones (I am Chinese American), and look good in nearly all colors (cool, neutral, and warm. I think it's pretty cool that I can wear pretty much any color!). My monave foundation color matches are Caroline or Hyeyeon.

Overall I love Monave's new collection. They are totally fierce!!! I honestly can't really say which ones I like the most, because they all are beautiful. I've been wearing some colors by themselves, and in the last few days have started pairing colors together. I've always liked Monave's shadows because they are richly pigmented yet they are very easy to blend. I've tried MMU shadows from other companies and they are just not as pigmented. The great thing about Monave's shadows are that if you prefer a more subtle look you can apply them lightly and/or blend the more darker/vivid colors with the lighter colors, or if you prefer a dramatic look you can wear the darker colors by themselves or apply a tad more for intense color! I think one of the best things about this collection is that all the colors look great paired with each other. These colors are perfect for a day look (when applied lightly, or when only the lighter colors are used) or absolutely stunning for night time use. These new eye shadows and glosses are hot! Monave is definitely my favorite MMU brand for eye shadows and lippies (next to my own of course! ;P )

Here are my descriptions of the lip gloss colors (vegetarian but not vegan, hopefully Deb (Monave's owner) offers them in the vegan formulas as well):

Ruby Slippers: like bright ruby red sequins: red with red sparkles. The red looks intense in the jar but is actually a very wearable shade of red (and much sheerer than it first appears). A light swipe of this would be perfect for the day, but layered, it makes a bold night color! :)

Divine: a light-medium frosty mauve pink. This is my favorite lip color of the bunch. Just gorgeous.

Allure: a light (very slightly brownish) pink. High sheen. Very pretty.

Hot cocoa: a medium matte brown. Really does look like hot cocoa! Good day color.

Quick sand: light tan, semi-matte/sheen. Though it is a kind of brown, on my lips it just makes them look like a bit of a sheen (my lips are very pink though, so on someone else the brown color would show up better). Lovely.


on the baggie it said this was a blush color but I used it on my eyes. It is a very nice pinkish bronze.

Eye shadows:

Vamp: a beautiful coppery plum. I wore this with kasha and my sister said it looked the best on me so far!

Oasis: pure medium sparkly copper. This would be awesome to wear in the summer or early fall.

Sahara: reddish copper, slightly darker than oasis. This color is beautiful paired with oasis.

Ivy: a multi-faceted green with green and gold sparkles. Beautiful.

intense burgundy red. Great as an eyeliner, and totally hot as a lippie! This looked amazing as an eyeliner with ivy on the lids.

a dark blackish, bluish, purple (think blackberries but sparkly). I love this color! This can be applied lightly and blended with other colors for subtleness, or used on it's own for intensity!

Jinx: medium dark purple with a plum highlight/sheen. Plum eye shadow is so underrated! It looks good on many different skin tones.

Blizzard: a light pinkish beige. Perfect for applying to the brow bone as a base color.

Envy: dark, blackish green. Kind of like a peacock feather (not the bright green in the center but the other parts of the feather that are blackish green).

this is a dark brownish-purple with lots of big reddish-bronze sparkles. Very multifaceted color. I love this shade!
I like wearing it over my entire lid, but it also makes an awesome eye liner.

deep, dark gold. Intense, mysterious! Perfect for those with yellow toned skin and probably also dark skin tones.

Rain: this is a deep, dark almost midnight blue. This makes my eyes really stand out. People with light skin may like using this as an eye liner, I have light-medium skin and I use it all over the lid. I think this color would look absolutely stunning on dark skin tones.

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