Friday, June 15, 2007

Vegan Avocado Agave Mask (All Natural Cosmetics)

I have just posted a new recipe for an avocado agave mask on the all natural beauty portal website. This mask is good for dry, dehydrated, combination dry, and many people with normal skin. It is all natural (of course) and also vegan, featuring one of my newest favorite skin care ingredients: agave nectar.

Previously I have posted my blog entry for miy all natural aromatherapy sprays on the all natural beauty portal's website. Camellia Rose/Jen has also posted many awesome recipes there as well. Many of the recipes on the site are easy to prepare and are 'kitchen cosmetics', made with easy to find ingredients, often already in your pantry, or that you can get at a super market. So go look at the recipes and try them! :)

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