Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vegan Makeup Brushes: Where To Buy And Also Forever Female Review (All Natural Cosmetics, Vegetarian/Vegan Information)

A question on vegan brushes and also a review on a company named Forever Female.

Where do I buy vegan brushes?

I've blogged about synthetic brushes before a while back, but there are thankfully a lot more choices now! I have not tried most of these brushes yet (but I have tried other products from these companies), but just thought I'd post about them because they've gotten good reviews on some of the forums I visit.

Forever Female (see below for review) has a nice selection of synthetic brushes (including a kakubi and a brand new flat top) at great prices! The owner, Ann, also wholesales many of her brushes.

Everyday Minerals (a mineral makeup company) also has a synthetic foundation brush at a good price (be sure to shop carefully, they also sell non-vegan brushes). They have great customer service. On a related note, I really like their foundation.

Sevi Cosmetics (a vegan skin care and mineral makeup company) has synthetic brushes, including a kakubi, but their brushes are a tad pricey (not overly pricey, but just a bit expensive for grad students like me!) They also make wonderful face creams (Sevi understands and knows her herbs and plants!)

Monave (a mineral makeup and skin care company that sells many vegan products, but is not totally vegan but still one of my faves) is supposed to come out with synthetic brushes sometime in 2007. They make the best eye shadows and lippies!

And I hope Camellia Rose (Jen) doesn't mind me posting this, but she will be carrying vegan brushes in the future too :)

Forever Female Review:

I promised to write a review on Forever Female's vegan brushes--I have both the vegan kabuki and the 20 piece vegan brush kit (note: I think the vegan brush kit is no longer available, however I just found out from Camellia Rose/Jen that Forever Female is coming out with many other new vegan brushes soon! Thanks Jen! :) )

I love the vegan kabuki (called the ultimate kabuki; this brush is still available). I love it so much that I have two of them, since synthetic bristles can take a while to dry after you wash them (and I tend to wash my brushes after only a couple uses). I've been looking for a dense vegan brush for a while, but didn't want to pay $25 to $60 for one. Ann's vegan brush is not only inexpensive but very dense and so soft. Since it's made with synthetic bristles, it picks up the minerals well, and applies my MMU smoothly.

I love the vegan brush kit too. It does come with powder and blush brushes but these are more flat than dense, but still dense enough to apply a dusting of powder or blush. Though they don't look that dense, I was able to apply MMU foundation and blush without any trouble. The assortment for eye shadow application is almost mind boggling--there are so may different types of brushes, but all of them are soft, pick up the minerals well, and are easy to blend with. There are also foundation brushes and concealer brushes, and even a lip brush.

Overall, I am very happy with the brushes from Forever Female. They are not only high quality, but they are inexpensive and truly cruelty free as well! And they don't shed! Customer service is great, and she ships fast!

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