Thursday, September 15, 2005

All Natural Glass, Mirror, and Window Cleaner, and 'Clean House, Clean Planet' book (Natural Cleaning and Book plug)

I really hate the smell of Windex. So I've been trying to find a replacement for it for a while. A lot of natural house cleaning books suggest vinegar (white), which works great (the smell dissipates quickly, or if the smell really bothers you, infuse some herbs in it, or add a few drops of essential oils) but I couldn't use it on my car's windows, since vinegar is acidic and I was afraid if it got on the paint, it'd mess it up or something. I finally found a great all natural cleaner for my car's windows: club soda. I kid you not. I found the tip in 'Clean House, Clean Planet' by Karen Logan. It really works--my car's windows were so dirty because I haven't washed my baby for a while, and I used some, and it not only got rid of the dirt but dried to a streak free shine (be sure to use one towel to wipe, and one to dry to avoid water spots though). How's that for an environmentally friendly tip that's good for the planet, doesn't smell at all, AND cheaper than the chemical stuff? Can't wait to try more tips from that book; it is awesome!

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