Thursday, September 29, 2005

Happy Mountain Day (Mount Holyoke College)

Well I'm posting this a few hours late, but Wednesday was Mountain Day at Mount Holyoke College. For those of you that don't know, Mount Holyoke College was the first woman's college in the U.S., and yours truly, is an alum :) . Mountain Day is one of Mount Holyoke's traditions. On one beautiful day, every fall, the president of MHC will wake up, decide the day is just too gorgeous to spend indoors in class, and will declare it Mountain Day. All classes are canceled, and many students spend the day hiking up and then picnicking on the local mountains (ok, so they are more like really tall hills, and not vast mountains, but we didn't mind!). I don't think I ever climbed a mountain myself on Mountain Day (hey, it's a leisure day), but I do recall many happy ones just hanging around outside (for at least part of the day, if I wasn't swamped with work). I thought it was the coolest tradition; wish my grad school did this! So Happy (uh, belated) Mountain Day to all my friends and fellow alums!

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