Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane Katrina (Disaster Relief)

Compassion and hope are truly the things that make us human. If you can, please donate to the recent hurricane victims. Many local supermarkets, schools, government centers, non-profits, and religious groups are currently accepting monetary donations. If you prefer to donate online, I recommend donating to well-established organizations like the American Red Cross or check your favorite news channel's website for a list of more organizations.
Here is NBC's list of organizations; there are links to donate cash, to donate and volunteer, and to offer housing to the victims.

Many may wonder why organizations prefer monetary donations over sending food, supplies, and clothing. First, sending money to places is simply easier and more cost effective; if an organization (which is not in the devastated area) sent food and supplies directly, there are things like transportation costs, temporary storage issues, loading, unloading, and sorting issues to consider, which may impede getting the supplies faster to those in need. Also organizations usually have a better idea of what is needed in an emergency, and with your monetary donations can buy exactly what the victims need. Furthermore, most organizations will purchase goods from businesses in the surrounding devastated areas, which further helps the affected local communities. These are only some of the good reasons why most organizations prefer monetary donations. So please donate today and help make a difference.

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