Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Li's crafting thoughts 6-06-07

I've been out of town for a couple weeks so didn't get to craft much (so I've been itching to seriously craft for many days!)

Things I've been crafting: infused oils, brown sugar scrub

Infused oil:
Bexn and Ed let me raid their garden :) I made tiny bottles of chocolate mint and also peppermint infused oil. Yummy! Can't wait until it's ready to strain, which reminds me I have a lot of other tinctures and herbal oils that are waiting to be strained! They must be super intense by now!

Brown sugar scrub:
made a simple scrub. Definitely shows when I visit/travel that natural cosmetics are truly kitchen cosmetics. Give me access to a kitchen and I can easily whip something up (that works wonders) with common ingredients :)

On my agenda for the new couple weeks: serums for each specific skin type, perfumes, hair tonic, and I really need to craft a body cream for myself. I'm also thinking of crafting some historical/ancient cosmetics/recipes that I've read about--a little bit of spirit, art, passion, and history combined: the way beauty should be :). My organic rose hydrosol and rose alba hydrosol from A Little Ol'Factory arrived sometime when I was gone so I can't wait to use and craft with them. They smell like heaven! I've come up with several ideas for new recipes (and potential products), and am now debating about starting my business earlier than I said. Lastly, I've been promising to post recipes on All Natural Beauty's site for a while now, which I hope to get to sometime in the next several days. I will also try to do the links to the rest of the archives sometime soon too. :)


beXn said...

This is weird to say, but both Ed and i agree that we miss you! You were like the 6th roommate we never had - the one who always did dishes and never ate all the fake meats!

Solarkat said...

Awww :) That made me day, Bexnnie! I miss you, Ed, and the other Kitties too :)


beXn said...

Maybe the 3 legged cat will live with us, too!

Solarkat said...

I hope so too! I'm sad about that poor kitty :( Did you see it again today?

Love, OK